Seicane #H201G Jeep Radio

May 24, 2018 By admin

Seicane #H201G Jeep Radio

I plan on ordering a new smart radio for the Jeep.  It will most likely be this Seicane #H201G.  I know, you've never heard of them BUT it's essentially a 10" Android 8 tablet.  It will grab internet either from your phone's Wifi, and in-car hotspot, or w/ a SIM card. As Howard once said, Sim Cards are the future of radio!  It has built-in GPS so it will run Google Maps or Waze.  I'm excited to start loading custom apps & loader to really make it exactly what I want and I can't wait to see how well the SiriusXM app works. I've been using it on my phone while driving around & haven't had an issue yet.  I know cell service can be spotty but at least it doesn't seem to care about trees.

This is just another test blog post so I can work on the layout, theme, & addons.



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