Nutrisystem – What’s it Cost?

June 20, 2018 By admin

Nutrisystem – What’s it Cost?

This post is dedicated to the cost & best way to pay for Nutrisystem.  One thing you should remember is whatever price you get on day 1 for the main plan is the price you’ll be paying throughout the program. All the coupons I’ve found were either for new members or money off the addon stuff so once you start you’re sort of locked in.  I went w/ the Uniquely Yours Custom Menu.  This lets me choose the food I want.  When I signed up I searched the web & it took several coupons before I found “the deal”. I ended up w/ $383 per 4 week plan, free shipping, & $125 off.  Using Costco gift cards knock 20-45% off that.


Searching for coupons is confusing.  Their normal every day price is 35-40% off.  When you find a 40% off coupon, it isn’t 40% off the current price, it’s off the full retail price or in other words, same as w/o a coupon. I signed up for the mailer (form a the bottom right of & let them send me coupons till I got 1 that made a difference.

Today the sale price w/o a coupon for the men’s plan is listed as $13.93 / day if you agree to auto renew.  In addition to that you get $125 off + some free items.  This is almost the exact same price I got after hunting for coupons.


Be aware that the 28 day 4 week plan only gives you 24 days worth of food. (They don’t feed you 1 day a week.)  When they say the $390 is $13.98 / day that’s based on 28 days.  To get a real per day cost you have to base it on the 24.  It’s free shipping but you pay $8 for a disposable cooler & dry ice. (When you see the cooler you’ll understand why they had to charge.  It’s no joke.) This means 24 days of food costs $398 before the $125 off.  Unfortunately it’s not $125 off / month. The $125 breaks down to $50 off the 1st month, $25 off the 2nd, & $50 off the 3rd.

Have I thoroughly confused you yet? Well just wait cause there’s more.

After the discount, month 1 & 3 work out to $14.50 a day.  Month 2 it’s $15.55 per day.  Month 4 (If you make it that far) it’s $16.59.   For that you get 3 meals & 2 sacks a day.  $398 / month seems like a lot to shell out but even into the 4th month it’s hard to say what you get in a day isn’t worth what you pay. (Even if everything is really small)


Costco sells $100 Nutrisystem gift cards for $80 all the time and on a regular basis they go on sale.  I’ve purchased them for as low as $55.  These discounts are in addition to any sale price you already got so buy 4 each month and use them to pay. When I got the GCs for $55 my 4-week purchase really cost me less than $200 or $8 per day of food.  Now it’s a deal!



Before you think this is all you’ll be spending, I still buy a ton of food at the grocery store. Remember, they don’t feed you 1 day a week and the food they give you for a day, isn’t all you’ll be eating that day.  There are several veggies which are considered “all you can eat” & I go through a ridiculous amount of them every day.  There is also fruit that’s considered a “smart carb” & protein that’s considered a “power fuel”.  I can have a limited amount these w/ a meal or as a snack.  On a weekly basis I’m buying tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, asparagus, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, fresh salsa,  mandarin oranges, apples, bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon, eggs, light sliced cheese, light string cheese, light cream cheese, chicken breast, low sodium V8, diet iced tea, coffee, whole grain english muffins, whole grain waffles, sugar free ice pops, fudgesicles, & orange creamsicles.


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